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Forget shady paid ads, get ranking and get more business today!

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Why do you need SEO in Perth?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a type of Marketing where you optimise a website to show up higher in search engine results. This can be done by making sure your website is technical SEO ready, making sure your business profiles and citations are correct, having quality site backlinks to your website and more. Our team will provide digital marketing optimisation services that work for your business.

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Don't get talked into only using paid ads. You need SEO to solidify your place in Googles search ranking.

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A major factor of SEO is quality articles. We only use quality Perth writers for our websites.

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Video SEO

SEO isn't just for websites. We are the experts of ranking your videos in Google and Youtube.

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Reach More Customers

More people coming to your Perth website means more customers and profit for you.

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Increase User Trust

If you have a strong organic presence, users will have more confidence dealing with your business.

Before any SEO work is carried out, we audit your website and walk you through the report.

How can SEO help my Perth business?

SEO is and always will be a major factor for getting your business noticed. Did you know that Google doesn't just use organic search results to display your website? They also use it to display your video results, voice SEO results, branded reviews and more! Branding Google with your business is a major SEO aspect to look at.

Time and time again we see local Perth business Google results where you type in their business name, and their competition comes up. How bad is this for business?, very bad! You want to control your brand or business name for that entire first page of Google. While you may think you don't need SEO in Perth, the truth is, the longer you wait, the bigger advantage you give to your competition. In 2018, not having digital marketing is almost as bad as not having your business name on your shop front!

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My friend said SEO is dead? Why should I sign up?

Recently we have seen a surge of "digital marketing agencies" running paid ads for clients because "search engine optimisation marketing is dead". Well all we can say is they are wrong. While paid traffic has its place in an overall marketing strategy, the truth is about 50% of people running paid ads aren't profitable.

Lots of "digital marketing agencies" have moved to paid ads because their poor SEO strategy doesn't work in 2018 and they are more interested in making quick cash off you rather than working with you on real results. Most businesses don't have the systems in place to track conversion rates correctly and generally, they are just wasting money. Let me ask you this, would you rather sink money into renting a house and get kicked out when you stop paying? or would you rather own the land the house is built on? 

Lets break down the cost of what it takes to run paid ads on ONE KEYWORD

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Lets take the search term "plumbers Perth northern suburbs". As you can see the search volume per month for that term is 320 and the Cost Per Click (CPC) is $27AUD.... Per click!, everyone who just CLICKS on your ad will cost you $27.

Do you honestly think every single one of those clicks to your company site is going to be a high ticket customer? Of course not!. Not to mention that 71% of the total google organic search engine optimisation SEO traffic is going to the number 1 spot. 

Now remember that is just 1 keyword search term out of hundreds or even thousands that are getting monthly traffic. Not everyone is searching for that same term, so multiply that original $27 figure by 10 or even 20. You could be out of pocket hundreds of dollars per day!

Think about when you are searching for something on google, are you going and clicking on the ads or are you going to the trusted organic results and the map results?

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These Google map results are ORGANIC, SEO DRIVEN RESULTS. These are usually made up by people with a real trusted business or services who has been around for a long time and aren't just here for a quick cash grab and dash. The Best SEO in Perth can get your business to the top of these results and get your company site showing online to more people.

This is what makes SEO Perth an INVESTMENT into your business rather than a straight up expense. This is why smart businesses who want their company and site to stay around for a long time invest in trustworthy SEO. Scams, get rich quick, poor quality pop up business and websites generally only pay for local ads. The only real benefit PPC has over SEO is you can get clicks and some leads quickly, but do you want your business to be around for today or do you want to be around for a long time?

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Why should I choose you for SEO in Perth?

The reason is simple, we really care about your business and what we do. With over 10 years of SEO experience, we have seen all types of good and bad SEO. We love to see results and work around the clock on getting your website, videos and branding ranked using SEO Perth.  (seriously, we are usually working until midnight!)

While we are from Perth, we also run an SEO agency in Singapore and that is our main area of operation. Since starting professional in 2017then we have built up a reputation not just with our clients but with other SEO agencies around the world. 

We help other agencies when they are stuck with their rankings or need support in any way. We do this because we care about the industry and we aren't here for quick money, we help drive and evolve the entire SEO industry!

So what are you waiting for?

There is a reason why you came to our website and got this far! If you would like us to clear up any doubt you may have then simply contact us. We are more than happy to help you out with our obligation free quote. We aren't here to rip anyone off and we aren't a get rich quick and we would love to have a chat with you about your goals for your business (even if its not SEO related). We are not like any other digital marketing company you have seen, our team is going to take care of you and work with you for real results.

Please be aware that we do not work with Startups as generally we want someone to have an established website first, however if the project is interesting to us we may make an exception!